Imaging the conscious Riemann hypothesis demonstration

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Autori: Marco NEGRI
2014, 56 pagine, formato 21x29,7
ISBN: 88-371-1889-9
COD: 1889
Argomento: Matematica


By putting into focus and describing the original mathematical form or ultimate-prime form of the unitary triadic zero, the essay offers an eidetic-iconic demonstration of the classic Riemann hypothesis and a new basic formula for the evaluation of the prime numbers.
The essay also offers a proof of a more general version of the Riemann hypothesis, what one should call the “conscious Riemann hypothesis”, that is the idea that the form of the self conscious unitary triadic zero conceived as the genuine atomic principle of the human cosmos or micro-cosmos is real.
Such proof is built by contemplating ang modeling a comprehensive mathematical theory of self consciousness of the mind and the world, and in the end by depicting a view of the point of view (i.e. a minimal self conscious view of the mind eye). The restarting conclusion considers the main reach and the most relevant consequences of the methods and these elaborated and highlights, among other things, the explanatory and unifying potential contained in the idea of “metalogoscope”, synthetically seen as the source or principle of the elementary order.

Marco Negri is Research Doctor in Philosophy. He has taught at the University of Saint Petersburg and Tomsk (Russia), where he was Senior Scientific Associate. He held, in 2005, an academic experimental course entitled “Philosophy of Languages and Imagination”. He has published “Imaging Logic”, a long article dedicated to a substantially iconic, and ultimately point-graphic, analysis and comprehension of metalogic and logic (The Almanac (Vestnik), Tomsk State University, 2012). He is the author of other essays in theoretical philosophy and philosophy of mind, and of “Mondi” (Campanotto Editore, Udine, Italy, 2009)