Teaching english using the language of e-commerce

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Autori: Georgina LOVERA DI MARIA
2009, 96 pagine, formato 17x24
ISBN: 88-371-1759-0
COD: 1759
Argomento: Linguistica


This book is a brief introduction to the English terms of e-world through e-commerce, with an insight into the wonderful opportunities offered by the web from the language teacher’s point of view. The work in progress structure has been chosen because the web sites are changing continuously, and reliable information can only be the result of a regular updating. Each section of the book deals with different features of e-commerce. It is a fascinating fast moving and dynamic field, and the exercises are ideas on how a lnaguage can be used.

Georgina Lovera di Maria è docente presso la Facoltà di Economia dell’Università di Ancona.