Business case studies

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Autori: Georgina LOVERA DI MARIA
2008, 120 pagine, formato 17x24
ISBN: 88-371-1708-6
COD: 1708
Argomento: Linguistica


The objective of this book is to help students in Economics improve their English. Case studies have become part of academic work. They deal with interesting issues in business and help us understand how a company or a particular organization works. The topics have been chosen for their relevance to everyday business life. They include brands, advertising, marketing strategies, money and banks, ethics and business, financial services and a section on the Stock Exchange. The idea is to show a variety of examples, to learn different vocabulary related to various fields using the worldwide web as a source of updated information. Each topic can be expanded and the chapters only offer a guideline to encourage students to continue their investigation on a particular issue of interest.

Georgina Lovera di Maria è docente presso la Facoltà di Economia dell’Università di Ancona.